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November 27, 2015  •  1 Comment

I have my own gallery, where I am the only featured artist. Well, not exactly a gallery

What I have is 40+ of my images decorating an office suite in Santa Rosa. How did I get so lucky? Well, let's just say I know the right people -- people with bare walls! This agency moved into a new office space after being housed in a cube farm, and the crew was determined to make it their own. I was invited to hang my photographs on the walls, and the result is lovely. Above is the interior of the conference room, where three 48"x48" canvas panels show off vibrant calendulas from our garden. 

At right is the view from outside the conference room, which has a glass wall facing the main office space, so the photos are visible from just about everywhere. It's one of my favorite parts of the installation. The calendula photos were taken after the project was proposed, so I shot them with the conference room in mind. I must have photographed about 20 different flowers (we had tons of calendulas this year) before whittling the choices down to these three. I particularly like the thick black border I chose to offset the bold orange flowers. I think it came out great!

In the lobby are landscape/seascape images from the geographical area the agency serves, Sonoma and Mendocino counties. Here's a peek: 

Here's my credit underneath a photograph of Bodega Bay, in Sonoma County.

To the left when you enter the lobby is a doorway, and in the hall beyond hangs "Gateway," a photo taken at Fort Ross in Jenner, also in Sonoma County. Because of the wide-angle lens I used to take this photo of the photo, it looks much smaller than its 20"x30" size. Above the reception desk hangs an image of the turbulent rocky shore of Fort Bragg in Mendocino County.

If you read my blog entry "Tulips Under Pressure," you know that I struggled to provide a macro tulip diptych for this office. Once I had good images of two halves of an orange tulip, they were enlarged to 24"x36" each and mounted 1" apart. Here's the final installation (I'm mighty pleased by the result): 

In the main communal space of the office, there is an area referred to as "the lounge." There are comfy chairs and little tables, and it's a great spot for an informal meeting. Overlooking this space is a wall of shelves, which were just crying out for an assortment of smaller images. You'll note they're all flowers, which is not only what I specialize in, but is what the agency administrator called for. "Flowers. Bring 'em on!" he said. So I picked a dozen flowers, ordered them up in a variety of sizes, and this is the result. 

There are flowers dotting walls everywhere in this office!


I can't express fully what the opportunity to brighten the office with my flowers means to me; I feel so privileged every time I walk in. Thank you!

~ Glo


So wonderful!! Thank you for adding the beauty to our great space. Icing on the cake!
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