As a newspaper editor for 13 years, I valued and respected my reporters for their skill at their craft, and thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with them to streamline their storytelling. My photographers, however, continually astonished me with their work. I never understood how I could be standing next to one of them, observing the same scene, and their finished image would look so much more alive than what I had seen with my own eyes. I held them in awe. My attempts at news photography throughout my career were feeble at best. I never thought I would one day consider myself a photographer. 

Enter the advent of digital photography and the highly capable (for their time) early point-and-shoot cameras. Mine were always Canons, updated every few years, and I happily shot many family photos with them. It never occurred to me to try to be artistic in my choice of subject or composition, until one day in 2010, when a yellow pansy caught my eye, and my slim point-and-shoot cried out to be put under the bloom for an unusual perspective. The resulting photograph (above) blew my mind. It also cemented my love of flowers as a subject for my lens. Two DSLRs and thousands of photographs later, I find myself dawn to the California landscape as my focus, though flowers will always have my heart.

~ glo